Success for every student

  • Alabama State University

    Alabama State had an 87% pass rate for their developmental math course (a 20-25% increase over previous years).

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    UNLV saw a 47% reduction in withdrawal rate in developmental math; Knewton increased students’ chances of placing into first year math by 25%.

Arizona State University

When Arizona State University started using Knewton-powered developmental math courses, pass rates rose by 17%, course withdrawals dropped by 56%, and 45% of students finished four weeks early.

Million in

Course withdrawal rates cost universities money. When Knewton courseware helped to drop withdrawal rates for Arizona State University by 56%, that saved the university a savings of $12 million dollars.

Students Time

Not only did Knewton enable students to perform better, it also helped 45% of students to finish 4 weeks early. These students largely expressed happiness at being able to move at their own pace.

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