What Knewton Brings to Your Course


You don’t have time to navigate through complicated technology. Knewton’s capabilities are robust, but our interface is simple and easy to use.

  • At-a-glance access to everything instructors need to see most

  • Intuitive controls allow quick changes to your course and assignments

  • Easy, reliable, hassle-free student experience

Individualized Learning For Each Student

Knewton gives each student the content they need, and the personalized, adaptive experience that helps them achieve their full potential.

  • Data-driven approach to learning that works

  • Students see the best content for them at the time they need to see it

  • Students work at their own pace, so they’re more engaged and independent

Actionable Analytics

Make more informed choices with unparalleled insight into what students know, and how they’re learning: individually and as a whole.

  • Instructors can see detailed views of the learning behavior of each student

  • Instructors also get access to overall course performance analytics

  • Students gain unprecedented visibility into their own performance


Knewton knows that even with an intuitive product, support is a necessary part of each student and instructor’s success.

  • Implementation specialist to help seamlessly integrate your syllabus

  • You get an on-campus representative that understands your needs

  • 1:1 training: virtually or in person

Knewton is constantly expanding its product. Here are some new exciting features:

  • Booster Assignments

    If a student is struggling with a pre-requisite from another course or even discipline, Knewton will give him the practice and instruction needed to move him toward mastery.

  • Monthly Subscription

    Students can choose the plan that fits their budget! They can make a single $44 payment for two-year access or choose a flexible $9.95 monthly subscription option.