Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:How does Knewton adapt differently than other products?

    There are two basic ways to deliver an adaptive learning experience. Most adaptive systems use pre-determined tracks in a course that allow groups of students to go down different paths based on someone’s best guess on what order a student should work through the content. These systems are usually rule or preference based and use no data to make any of these decisions.

    Knewton uses data and a student’s entire learning history to make a decision about the best next piece of content to recommend for that individual.

  • Q:Who is Knewton right for?

    Knewton is right for instructors who want/need a product that:

    - saves time when preparing for lectures by offering intuitive dashboards that highlight what a class needs the most;
    - helps them intervene faster by identifying which students are struggling;
    - personalizes the learning experience for each student;
    - is more affordable so that all students can have access;
    - and is easy to use for both instructors and students.

  • Q:For which courses is Knewton available?

    Knewton is currently available for:
    Elementary Algebra
    Intermediate Algebra
    College Algebra
    Calculus (Single Variable)
    Calculus (Early Transcendentals)
    General Chemistry (I and II)

    Coming Soon
    Foundations of Math
    Pre-Algebra & Elementary Algebra
    Elementary & Intermediate Algebra
    Algebra & Trigonometry
    Principles of Economics
    Principles of General Chemistry

  • Q:What are the technical requirements? Is Knewton compatible across devices and browsers?

    Knewton is a cloud-based product so an internet connection and an updated web browser is all that is needed. Currently, Knewton works best with IE11+ and the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Knewton is also accessible via laptops, mobile devices and tablets.

  • Q:Does Knewton work with my LMS?

    Yes. Knewton is LTI compliant and can work with any major LMS, for example Blackboard, Canvas, or D2L.

  • Q:What type of support is available if I choose to pilot or use Knewton for my course?

    Instructors who use Knewton have a dedicated sales rep and solutions architect to work with. Customer service is available for both instructors and students. Anyone can use the Feedback button in the lower left hand corner of the screen to provide in product feedback, or email

    For instructor support materials, visit

  • Q:Can students purchase access through the bookstore?

    Students will be able to purchase access to Knewton at their bookstore (starting in 2017). Students will have access to their Knewton course for 2 years.

  • Q:How can I try Knewton?

    You can request a demo by clicking “Request a Demo” right at the end of this page.

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