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  • OpenStax & Knewton for Economics (February 2017)

    Join Steven A. Greenlaw, Economics Professor at University of Mary Washington, to learn about his OpenStax Economics textbooks and see their corresponding Knewton program.

  • OpenStax & Knewton for Calculus (February 2017)

    Join Ed Herman, Calculus Professor at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, to learn about his OpenStax Calculus textbooks and see their corresponding Knewton program.

  • The Crisis of Competency: Moving the Needle (November 2016)

    This webinar will discuss the crisis in competency and explore how adaptive learning can be one of the keys to "correcting the course." Let by Dr. Jim Catanzaro, who has served as a community college president for 38 years, his last 24 at Chattanooga State in TN.

  • Adapting and Innovating through Universal Design for Learning (November 2016)

    Participants will learn how to incorporate UDL into their work and discuss sample activities that address both the cognitive and affective domains of learning. Led by Robin Ozz, President-Elect of NADE and founding president-elect of the Arizona Association for Developmental Education.

  • Making OER Work for You - A Faculty Perspective (November 2016)

    There are many resources available for finding, adapting, and creating OER so that it doesn't have to be a mystery, and this webinar will give a faculty perspective on how to get started with OER. Led by Alisa Cooper, Faculty Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Engagement at Phoenix College and Maricopa Millions Tri-Chair.