What You Get With Knewton

  • Learning that Lasts

    Learning that Lasts

    • Built on our premium mastery-based adaptive technology ensures students can retain, recall and apply concepts to future coursework.

    • Delivers just in time remediation dynamically within a course and across prerequisite courses to keep students moving forward in their learning.

  • For Everyone

    For Everyone

    • Remarkable price to students in every course: $44 for 2-years of access or $9.95 per month.

    • Seamless mobile interface that’s consistent across devices and delivers access online anywhere, anytime.

    • Content, product and user experience will be AA ADA Compliant by January 2018 to ensure all learners can benefit.

  • Expertly Designed Technology

    Expertly Designed Technology

    • Modern interactive experience, interweaving assessment, instruction and analytics in one easy-to-use experience with 99.9% uptime.

    • LTI 1.1 compliant systems integration within any LMS.

    • Rigorously developed, curated, and continuously calibrated OER course materials and assessments.


  • Donna Howell
    Park University

    “The level of integration with Canvas! Oh my! It is amazing. Our LMS director said it was the easiest system to integrate he’s ever worked with, and the way it transfers student information back and forth is awesome.”

  • Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl
    Central Oregon Community College

    “Knewton is so much more engaging than a textbook! I can see my students mastering the content and it is nice to know that process of mastery was engaging and fun.”