What You Get With Knewton

  • Save Time Planning Your Lectures

    Save Time Planning Your Lectures

    Our intuitive dashboard gives you all the data you need to see to inform critical decisions: what should you teach today? What do your students need most from you to succeed?

  • Intervene Faster

    Intervene Faster

    Knewton offers easy-to-understand and actionable analytics for both students and instructors. Instructors get a view into student and class performance.

  • Better Outcomes for More Students

    Better Outcomes for More Students

    Knewton is a fraction of the cost of traditional courseware, so more students will have access to the material they need to succeed. And because their experienced is personalized, you'll see better learning outcomes.

Success for every student

Success for every student


  • Scott
    Sr. Lecturer, Associate Director of Mathematics

    “Now students have basically real time progress of their own grades. That frees up a lot of time for me.”

  • Irene
    Professor of Mathematics

    “The role of the teacher sort of shifts. What we do in class then is work on problem solving.”